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Radiate Your Energy was created by Crystal Healer and Fashion Blogger Stefanie McKim. Radiate Your Energy is a Brand that focuses on mindful Sourcing, Positivity, and Inspiration. All the Radiate crystals are hand-picked by Stefanie.

"Crystals have always been an important tool throughout my life. I have used crystals for years and they have helped me cope with my anxiety, depression, and find inner peace and balance. I wanted to create a crystal brand to help others radiate their energy and help bring a little happiness and balance to their lives. Crystals are magical tools to help radiate what is already within ourselves. They are visual inspirations from the earth to help focus on and bring more positivity into our lives. Remember to always focus on the good, even if at times life feels tough. Use your crystals and keep them close by to support you in your times of need. And remember to always give thanks and gratitude to your stones, and begin to radiate your beautiful energy!" xoxo - Stefanie McKim


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