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"Radiate Your Energy was founded by Stefanie McKim, a Crystal Healer and Fashion Blogger.


Crystals have played a significant role in my life for many years. They've been a source of solace, aiding me in managing anxiety and depression while guiding me towards inner peace and equilibrium. My aspiration was to establish a crystal brand that could extend this same sense of well-being to others, infusing a touch of happiness and harmony into their lives. Crystals, in my view, are enchanting instruments that help amplify the innate energy within us. They serve as tangible reminders from the Earth, encouraging us to focus on and invite more positivity into our daily lives.

Even during life's most challenging moments, it's essential to remain centered on the positive aspects. By keeping your crystals nearby and utilizing them as your support system in times of need, you can find strength and solace. Always remember to express gratitude towards your stones, allowing your beautiful energy to shine brightly!" 

Warm regards,


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