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Healing Stones


You have just received your new  healing crystals that have been calling to you! Now what?


There are so many different ways to work with crystals. Each healing crystal has a specific vibration of energy that it radiates and by working with healing crystals you tap into their special energies. When you receive your Radiate crystal(s) they already come pre-cleansed and ready for you to set your intentions, meaning...ready for you to program them for your daily support.  


Why do I cleanse my crystals?

Healing crystals are very personal to the holder and should not be touched or held by others since the crystals are working towards connecting to your own vibration and intentions. Crystals can absorb the energy around you, and if they are picked up and touched by others, their energies can transfer to the crystal. So it is important to cleanse your healing crystals before working with them, especially if they were in a room where you had a fight or you were projecting frustration or negative thoughts/energy. A good rule of thumb is to create a habit of cleansing your crystals every month or every other month. 


How do I cleanse my healing crystals?

There are many different ways to cleanse a healing crystal. You can decide which method connects with you the most, there is no right or wrong way to cleanse your special stones.


  • SMOKE: Cleanse your crystals with sage and say, "negative energy may not stay." 

  • SOUND: You can hold your crystal in your hand and ring a bell around them and say, "negative energy may not stay."

  • BREATH: Take your crystal in your hand and blow your breath on them and say, "negative energy may not stay."


Why do I program my crystals?

Programing, another example for this is intention setting. Everything with healing crystals starts with intention and what you want to focus on/put out into the cosmic void. Setting an intention on your crystals are very important because it is a way for you to connect with your new crystal's energy to help amplify their particular vibration into your daily life, especially if you are in need for extra support from them. 


How do I program my crystals?

It may sound strange, but when you receive your crystals you should hold them for a moment and connect with them. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and introduce yourself to them, by doing so you are connecting and making your healing journey personal to you. Most likely you received your crystal by picking it out because you were drawn to it, or you were drawn to the meaning of the energy it radiates. You can say, hi my name is… and say what you really need support in right now, or you can start off small and just make your introduction.  


Why do I charge my crystals?

Charging your healing crystals strengthens their vibrational energy, and ensures that they are vibrating their healing properties at their highest potential. 


How do I charge my healing crystals?

You can charge your stones in a few different ways 


  • You can charge your crystals under the full moon light on a window sill or outside in a safe place.

  • Selenite crystals are the BEST and easy go-to way to keep your crystals charged at their fullest. Think of it like charing your phone. You can have a Selenite tower sitting next to them or place them directly on a Selenite charing plate. If they are on a work desk having a Selenite tower next to your crystals is the best way to keep them constantly radiating positive energy, and you will not have to cleanse them as much.

Now What?

What do I do with my crystals?

Now that everything is cleansed, charged, and programmed it is time to work with your crystal's energy. It is important to have your healing crystals around you, either in your purse, by your night stand, on your desk, in your living space, basically anywhere you are the most. This helps to remind you when you see them of your intentions, and it also helps them connect with you. Remember all things take time and staying consistent is key. Make sure you hold them in your hand, maybe take a few deep breathes, you can even meditate with them, or put them on your mat during yoga. The more you work with them the more their beautiful crystal energies start radiating around you. 

How to work with your new Crystal Kits

Manifestation Kit

It's time to focus and really think abut what you want in your life. Before doing so, be sure to introduce yourself, and ask them to assist you in what you need help with, to manifest your dreams and goals. When working with your crystals, set your intention(s) on each stone, or work with the stone(s) that are calling to you at this time. Place them by your bed so when you wake up, you are constantly reminded to repeat what you want to manifest. Remember to hold them, and repeat what you want daily. You can also take them with you and have them on you during the day, really immures yourself in your new crystal set.

Better Sleep Kit

It’s time to relax your mind, and mellow your thoughts. Place your new crystal set by your bed or under your pillow in your Radiate bag. Before doing so, be sure to introduce yourself, and ask them to assist you in what you need help with to have a restful nights sleep. You can hold them in the palm of your hand, close it and hold to your heart, close your eyes and say what you need help with in that moment. You can also mediate with them, by laying down and applying the Amethyst crystal on your forehead at your third eye chakra spot, and play your favorite music to calm yourself for 10-20 min, just be still and relax. You can hold the other crystals in your hand with your palms up and flat, or place them on your other chakras. 

Empath Protection Kit

Do you find yourself sensitive to other people and their energy? Do you feel drained around people? Then it is time for a little you time, to recharge your energy and get back to you. Work with your knew empath protection kit by introducing yourself to your new beautiful crystals and allow them to support you in what you need by simply asking. If you are about to see a draining person, bring them with you as support, or close your eyes and work with your new crystals after that encounter to recharge yourself. Mediation is a great way to recharge your energy, or to do a mini-session and close your eyes, take one breath in and hold for 3 counts and then breath out, while either holding your amethyst to your forehead (third eye) and focusing on being recharged. You can work with all your stones, or the ones you feel called to at that time. Remember there is no right or wrong way to work with your new crystals.

Beginners Kit

Not sure where to start on your crystal journey? Don’t worry, there is no right or wrong way to work with crystals. The beginners kit Is a great introduction to crystals because they are the main go-to stones.  Lets start radiating their beautiful energies. You can meditate with them after you introduce yourself to them, apply them to your chakras, click here to see chakra line ups, and place your crystals that match that chakra color. You can work with them daily, or keep them in your favorite space. Follow your own intuition with it. You can also place by your bed, in your car, purse, work space, living area… the sky is the limit when working with crystals. 

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