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Better Sleep Kit

Better Sleep Kit


The Better Sleep Kit is the perfect set of crystals to support you if you are having trouble sleeping. Place your kit in the bedroom on your nightstand or by your bed. Pick the main stone that you are feeling drawn to at that particular time and place it under your pillow. **Sending as a gift? Add a personalized note at checkout.**


Better Sleep Kit


Amethyst (Purple)

Stone of Intuition//Calm

Amethyst is a stone known to have strong cleansing and healing powers. It vibrates beautiful energy and it helps to cultivate tranquility and calming vibrations. Amethyst is even known to inspire. This stone also calms those who easily anger. It is the stone of protection and purification; cleansing one's energy field of negative influences and attachments. It helps to create a shield of positive light around the body. 


Selenite (White)

Clears Mind//Dispels Negativity//Protects Energy Field 

This stone in your bedroom can help in creating a peaceful atmosphere by removing all tension and worries.



Intuition//Dreams//Feminine Energies  

helps to reduce emotional stress, making it easier for our mind and body to fall asleep. The stone was even used in ancient times as a sleeping stone. This stone carries the energy of the new moon, which symbolizes new beginnings. You can also use this stone when going through a rough patch in your life.


Sodalite (Blue)

Encourages calmness, inner peace, and restful sleep. 


Angelite (Light Blue)

The soothing blue energy of Angelite brings a sense of inner peace and calm to the user.The common causes of worry, such as anxiety and worry, can be eased by placing the stone near your bed while sleeping.