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Evil Eye Selenite Dish

Evil Eye Selenite Dish


The Evil Eye is the origin of all good luck charms. It protects from negative energy and anyone wishing ill on you. This evil eye shaped selenite dish is the perfect protection piece to add to your home space. 


Selenite is the perfect crystal to charge all your other crystals because it Radiates constant positive energy. It is also one of the only crystals that dose not to be cleansed  regularly. Place your favorite crystals in it, or your jewelry.


Charger: Place all your crystals on this gorgeous  selenite charging plate and charge  the energy of your crystals. (Be sure to cleanse your other stones prior to charging)


Product details

Approx 4"

All crystal dishes are hand-cut, which makes each piece unique and not identical.


Caution: Selenite should never be submerged in water. For more details please read our crystal safety 101. Located at the footer or on the main page tab. 

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