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Good Luck Kit

Good Luck Kit


Feeling like you need a little lucky energy in your life? All the stones in this Good Luck Kit are the perfect assortment to keep by you for support.**Sending as a gift? Add a personalized note at checkout.**



Good Luck Kit


Lapis Lazuli (Blue)


Lapis Lazuli is known as the stone of inspiration. Promotes self-awareness and blocks negative energy. It is the perfect stone to keep with you or to have in a workspace. It is like an "I am rubber you're glue" for anyone wishing ill on you.


Citrine (Yellow) 


Citrine supports your intuition and helps to manifest your goals. It sharpens your imagination and emits warm energy like the sun. Citrine also helps to release negative thinking so you can embrace happiness and optimism. It is the perfect stone to see your goals through, and helps bring support, good luck, and promotes prosperity. 


Green Aventurine (Green)

Stone of Opportunity 

This stone helps with personal growth and healing. It's comforting and helps provide soothing energies. Releases negativities and energy blockages. It is also known to increase creativity and helps bring new opportunities. 


Tiger Eye (Gold)

Stone of Strength // Good Luck  

This stone helps with grounding, strength, and courage while also promoting good luck. Tigers Eye also helps support in times of need, increases self-discipline, and wisdom.